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Dear Colleagues,

We have all taken the challenge to use innovation and technology to improve deficiencies and processes within the county.  The Riverside County, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (COB), is taking on the challenge of innovation by moving to implement a fully automated agenda, which will eventually become paperless. 

An automated agenda is the process of using a software platform to create documents for the agenda in an electronic format.  Hard copy documents that are currently prepared in Word will be composed in the new program and sent electronically through the process, both internally in your department and externally to the other sign off departments such as County Counsel, Purchasing, Auditor-Controller etc.  No more running around to get signatures and sign offs; no more wondering about where your Form 11 is in the process.  This system will allow you (and/or your staff) to create Form 11’s (submittal documents) using templates set up in the system, send them electronically through the approval (routing) system, email you when a sign off has been obtained and when the document has been given final approval all the way through the EO and COB for the agenda.  The system allows you to identify target board dates, pinpoint a hold up in the processing and you will have the ability to see who has the document and know who to contact.  The system reduces the hassle of making changes and much more; No more printing over and over when errors or mistakes are made, no more running to the EO or COB, revisions are easily made in the system and all the necessary parties are notified.  The hope is that we are able to mimic our current hard copy process electronically.  There is no doubt that the change will come with a few bumps along the way, but I believe once we’re through the rocky period you will find it more efficient and an easier means to meet your needs.  

This is the first announcement of the change.  I’d like to invite you to see a demonstration (training) of the software.  Please bring staff in your office that work with you in preparing Form 11’s.  The Agenda is important to all of us for many reasons and I hope to partner with you in this process because it will require all of our expertise.  Our office has already begun the first phase of this change and we are training with the new software.  As we move forward, we will develop a list of core county employees who are critical to creating Form 11’s and related documents and then establish the necessary training schedule to get started.  Please send us an email to for additional information

We will also need an IT contact for your department to deploy the necessary software to your department for installation before you can begin testing, training and using the system.  For additional IT requirements for this process, please write us to


Please email us with your thoughts, suggestions or concerns.

IQM2 Training Type Video Link
CREATING A BASIC AGENDA ITEM [ 7 Minutes ]Training Video
APROVING AND REJECTING [ 6 Minutes ]Training Video
SEARCHING AND REPORTING [ 6.5 Minutes ]Training Video

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